Student Stories

once in a lifetime experience


For those who love adventure CELP is a great program for you. From hiking to canoeing and skiing to snowshoeing CELP was amazing. The camping trips to Halliburton and Cyprus were extraordinary. There were breathtaking sites and thrilling activities, never a dull moment. The day trips to places like Adventure guides and Waterloo Children’s Water Festival are also very fun. CELP offers many volunteer opportunities as well such as the Orangeville Maple Syrup Festival and Tree planting which were definitely some of the most fun volunteer work I have ever done. The skills and experience I have gained from CELP has helped me to get into the program of my choice and the University of my choice also it has helped me get various scholarships. CELP is a once in a lifetime experience in which I made so many amazing memories that I will never forget; it is definitely worth the time to fill out an application, you will not regret being part of the program.


memories will last forever


CELP is an experience like no other–a good word to describe it is priceless. CELP has made me a stronger student, before CELP I did not study as much or complete my homework very often. CELP guided me to become a better more dedicated student, which is the student I am today. I am an honor roll student who puts forth his best effort in every task. Moreover, I have made some of the best friends in CELP while keeping my old ones too. The experience may be over for me, but the memories will last forever and I strongly believe that every student should at least have an opportunity to be a part of the program.


so many positive impacts

CELP has made so many positive impacts on my life in so many different ways. I believe one of the most important things I learned was to be accepting, not only of others, but of myself too. I learned to accept my peers and all their flaws and virtues which is something you can never teach in any regular classroom. Celp also taught me to accept myself. I realized this the one day when I had  a major wipe out cross country skiing. I remember Mr. Hendrick saying to me that it was the nicest fall he had seen all day. That comment made me laugh and feel good about it, after that I never felt embarrassed when I fell or failed at something because I learned not to compare myself to others.


highlight of my education

Group Photo

CELP has been the highlight of my education thus far as well as being an extremely invaluable experience that has, and will continue to benefit me majorly in everyday life. Without CELP I never would have been presented with so many opportunities to express myself. I have become the person i have always wanted to be through CELP, and that has made a huge difference in my life. I whole heartily feel CELP is one of the most worthwhile, significant programs to be offered and without it, my life today would in no way be the same.


helped me gain confidence

Cyprus Lake Generally early in May

Before CELP I was very shy and I did not like talking in big groups of people, but CELP helped me to get out of my shell and gain confidence. Now I am not nervous about talking to new people and a lot less nervous when I am presenting something in front of a class. Through CELP I made memories that will last a life time. CELP by far was the highlight of high school. I would recommend it to anybody.


remarkable difference in my life

CElP has made a remarkable difference in my life. If CELP did not exist I would be a shy girl with little confidence and who only had a few friends. CELP taught me to be confident in my self and with others. I have created a whole new group of friends that are like family to me, I would trust them with my life. CELP is the best thing I have done in my life, I have made so many memories with so many people.

stories that you will be telling for years

Haliburton Forest Trip Late May or early June
We could sit here all day and talk about all the amazing things CELP has done for each and every person, but here is the number one thing that every CELP student can agree on. You will never forget your CELP experience! Whether it is 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 years; you still catch yourself talking about your CELP memories. Everything from the unique projects to the amazing trips create stories that you will be telling for years.

so many amazing opportunities

CELP is the best experience I have ever had! Going into CELP I was a shy athletic guy, but now that I went through all the great experiences, I am able to talk to anyone a lot easier without being nervous or shy. I got close to so many people and made so many new friends during CELP. Earthkeepers was an amazing experience teaching over 300 kids about science and saving our environment in a fun and engaging way is an amazing thing for me to say I accomplished. Oh, and the camping trips!!! I learned so much from those alone. Like on the Halliburton trip I learned how to stern in a canoe, now I am an expert! I definitely do not regret applying for CELP, It gave me so many amazing opportunities.



truly an outstanding experience

I know how cliche it is to say that CELP changed my life, and I know how cheesy it may be to say that I did not make friends in this program, we created a family; however, it is true. In applying for CELP I took a chance. I had no close friends in joining the program and had no idea what to expect that first day. On the first day I found myself tied together (yes i mean physically tied) with 23 people I was not particularly close with. That was the beginning of a five month adventure I will never forget. From snowshoeing and skiing to hiking and canoeing there was never a dull moment. CELP is one memory I will never forget it was truly an outstanding experience.

learned so many different things

During my CELP journey I learned so many different things; self-discipline, organization, collaboration, but I think the most important thing I learned was family and being a team and trusting the rest of my fellow celpers. Would I do it all over again yes in a heartbeat! Would I recommend people to apply for CELP, Yes 100%! I guarantee if you ask any CELP graduate at Norwell if they regret taking CELP, they will reply something like this: Not at all, in fact I miss CELP because CELP has made an incredible impact on my life.