Outdoor Activities (PAD 20P)

  • Leadership skills
  • Adventure Education – camping skills, orienteering, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, cycling, canoeing, rock climbing, high ropes course
  • Certification – First Aid/ CPR
  • Warm-up/ Recreational Games
  • Personal Responsibility and Discipline
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Decision Making
  • Team Initiatives and Problem Solving
  • Improved Personal Fitness level
  • Goal setting and creating Action plans


Students acquire these skills primarily, but not exclusively, in the activities that include:

  1. Recreational and Leadership Games – participating in and developing warm-up games for classmates and grade 5 students (Earthkeepers)
  2. Outdoor Activities – instruction and practice in snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, team building skills, orienteering, mountain biking, hiking
  3. Cyprus Lake (extended trip) – hiking and camping skills – social and communication skills in managing groups and making decisions and developing increasing levels of responsibility and in preparation for a multi-day camping trip
  4. Haliburton Forest (extended trip) – practical part of final exam to evaluate the development of leadership and organizational skills of students-students take leadership of complete trip including pre-trip organizing of food, equipment, as well as take turns leading the group during the trip-canoeing, biking, rock climbing, high ropes and camping skill


Evaluation: – Term evaluation of the above skills and activities is 70% of final mark

– Summative evaluation:  performance and preparation for final canoe trip is worth 30% of final mark