Frequently Asked Questions

What is CELP?

  • CELP (Community Environmental Leadership Program) is challenging and exciting 4-credit program offered to 24 grade 10 students at NDSS in the second semester.
  • Four days a week, students are bused to Camp Wyoka near Clifford. At Wyoka there are acres of awesome wilderness and a cozy classroom with an outbuilding nearby for eating and cooking.  We have a smart board, high-speed internet, and computer – access to the same learning tools that we use at school. Most days we depart at 9:00 in the morning from the EC Gray and return for regular busing at 3:11.
  • All 4 courses are integrated to create a hands-on experiential learning environment unlike any program in school. No bell rings to mark the end of one course and the beginning of the other. Success requires commitment and dedication. Teamwork builds success.

Why do CELP?

  • To challenge yourself
  • To make new friendships
  • To try something different
  • To build my strength as a leader
  • To be an Earthkeeper leader
  • To learn “outside the box”
  • To meet new people and learn about community
  • To develop an appreciation for the natural world
  • To develop skills such as camping, teaching, cooking and working with others
  • To learn how to teach and inspire others
  • To serve my community and make it a better place to live

What credits will I get in CELP?

  • Gr. 10 Academic Science (compulsory credit)
  • Gr. 10 Career Studies (Half Credit - Compulsory)
  • Gr. 10 Civics (Half Credit - Compulsory)
  • Gr. 10 Outdoor Activities
  • Gr. 11 Environmental Science

Won't I miss my friends at school? What about extracurricular activities?

  • Aside from three overnight camping trips (one in February and two trips in May/June) the bus will pick you up at the EC Gray and drop you off before the regular buses leave for home, so you can see friends and participate in music and sports before and after school. Most students (and there were many) who participated in extracurricular activities such a sports or the play, were able to meet their commitments to CELP and their activity.

Do I need a lot of equipment?

  • You will need good rain gear and a sleeping bag.
    Much of what you need, you probably already own (e.g., a wool sweater) or can borrow from others.
  • We supply items like snowshoes, cross country skis and canoe paddles etc.

Do I have be a certain type of person – like a jock or a tree-hugger?

  • No!! CELP attracts all kinds of students. Some students apply because they enjoy outdoor activity, some because they are interested in teaching Earthkeepers, some because they are interested in the environment and others because they want to enjoy a rigorous but hands-on approach to learning.
  • We will teach you all the skills you need to be successful in the program. You just need a positive attitude and willingness to try new things!

What if I can't afford the course fee?

  • No student is denied the opportunity to take CELP due to financial reasons.
    Talk to us when you are applying if your think payment may be an issue.

Do employers like CELP graduates? Do colleges and university like CELP graduates?

  • More and more employers are looking for students who have a diversity of experiences and have shown ability to learn in new and challenging circumstances. With the emphasis upon team work and cooperation in the workplace, the CELP experience is well recognized.
  • Schools and universities, while requiring academic excellence, are also looking for character and life experiences as in indicator of success at school. Graduates often report the benefits of having “CELP” in their applications - both locally and regionally.

How do I apply?  You apply in Grade 9 for the grade 10 CELP year.

Applications are available to this year’s grade nine students for the 2015-16 CELP year in early November of this year