Civics & Careers (CHV 20P / GLC 20P)


Course Text: 7 Habits of Effective Teenagers by Sean Covey

  • Functions of government – local; provincial; national and examination of relevant legislation and policy
  • Role of interest groups
  • International issues and their meaning in our lives
  • Responsibilities of citizenship – locally and globally
  • Stewardship and Leadership in creating change
  • Team building and a means to creating collective action and a sense of purpose and well being
  • Decision making in group settings
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collecting and organizing information
  • Communicating personal beliefs and working with differences among groups and individuals
  • How giving and receiving feedback can be used for personal and group development
  • Gaining respect for others; themselves; the environment


These skills are evaluated primarily, but not exclusively, through these activities:

  1. Earthkeepers – teaching environmental program to grade 5’s
  2. Community Projects – leading and teamwork with community members and environmental experts to design and complete environmental projects
  3. Community Days – assessment of small groups to organize and present a full-day educational and experiential program focusing upon a significant environmental issue.
  4. Environmental Advocacy. Student’s action as change agents individually and in small groups.
  5. Readings, analyzing and responding to articles and essays on global, environmental and citizenship issues
  6. Resume and Occupation Project
  7. Workshop(s) Completion and Assessment of Skill Development



Term evaluation of the above skills and activities is approximately 70% of final mark

Summative evaluation: includes a take home component requiring self-reflection and self-evaluation of the students progress in acquiring the above skills 30% of final mark.