The CELP learning adventure is available in grade 10 only. Applications must be submitted in grade 9.

CELP graduates can apply in their thirteenth year to be a CELP co-op. One male and one female will be chosen through an interview process. It is a four credit co-op that allows you to build strong leadership qualities by helping to facilitate the entire program along side the teachers.

A fee of $575.00 is required to pay for the trips, buses, site use, equipment and building rentals, and transportation costs. As well, families are expected to make a financial contribution to trip food preparation and community day meals. However, no student is denied the opportunity to take CELP due to financial reasons. Talk to us when you are applying if your think payment may be an issue.

What is the application procedure?

Application has two steps:

1. Sign up for CELP courses on your option card as if you have been accepted.

2. Creatively and thoughtfully complete a CELP application.


Acceptance into the program depends upon the quality of written responses, teacher references, as well as attendance and performance in school. Candidates that are not accepted will be informed early so that they can easily make changes to their Course Option sheet for next year.

APPLICATION DUE DATE: All completed applications are to be returned to Guidance by:

Feb. 9 2018


Questions? Contact the CELP leaders, Paul Frayne or David LeCourtois at the school. Also, consider speaking to a CELP graduate or a senior CELP CO-OP leader.

I am a grade 9 student now. How do I sign up for CELP, Winter 2019?


Refer to the course calendar for details about CELP and course selections. See Interdisciplinary Studies – CELP towards the back of the calendar.