Norwell Community Environmental Leadership Program (CELP)

Unique Program for Grade 10 Students at Norwell District Secondary School

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Program Overview

What is CELP, what does it involve and why is it a unique program?

Common Questions

Considering applying for CELP? Here are some frequently asked questions for students.


CELP Students lead an acclaimed program for over 250 local grade 5 students.


View the 2015 calendar for a detailed view of what activities are included in CELP.

Wilderness Trips

The program includes 3 extended overnight wilderness trips.


CELP students do valuable community service work throughout the semester.

About CELP

The Community Environmental Leadership Program (CELP) is a 4-credit program offered to 24 grade 10 students at Norwell DSS during the winter semester
Engaging, Hands-On Approach to Education

Students attend school at a wilderness site that serves as their classroom. Students develop their leadership and advocacy skills through active participation in extended wilderness trips. Students also work closely within their community on significant community-based environmental projects.

All four courses (academic science, environmental science, civics and careers, and outdoor activities) are fully integrated in this unique hands-on program. Every year, as part of their advocacy, students plan, prepare and lead a 3-day environmental leadership program for grade fives called Earthkeepers.

This is a leading edge program that helps create action-orientated environmental stewards with the confidence and knowledge to make a difference while at the same time fulfilling all curriculum expectations.


  • Academic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Careers & Civics
  • Outdoor Activities


Introduction to CELP


CELP is a 4-credit program and students earn regular credits they would receive in a normal school semester

Academic Science


1 Credit }

Gr. 10
  • Biological Systems
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Physics - Optics
Course Outline

Environmental Science


1 Credit}

Gr. 11
  • Health & Environment
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Conservation
Course Outline

Civics & Careers


2 Half Credits}

Gr. 10
  • Government & Citizenship
  • Leadership & Teambuilding
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication & Respect
Course Outline

Outdoor Activities


1 Credit }

Gr. 10
  • Adventure Education & Sports
  • Certification - First Aid/CPR
  • Fitness & Goal Setting
  • Skills Development & Discipline
Course Outline

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